It was a much needed victory for the national movement because we've experienced so many defeats over the last year over marriage equality. It shows that dogged grassroots organizing can lead to crucial wins at a statewide level.

The data show that under any scenario you use, people are going to get more money from the current system than risking any of it in the [stock] market, ... Fundamentally privatization is bad for gay people and straight people alike.

The burden is really on them to make this right and set the record straight.

Houston is responsible for 30 percent of the vote in an off-election year like this.

The church hierarchy is attempting to scapegoat gay people for its own failure to address the sexual abuse of children and young people that it alone created and covered up. The evil in this is that they are trying to equate being gay with sex abuse, which is appalling.

I think in the past they wouldn't take our money and they would insult us to our face. I think going forward they're going to take our money and their going keep insults quiet, but their policies have to change.

Shore up the principle that gay people are entitled to equal protection.

We've had 19 consecutive votes on same-sex marriage bans, ... Eighteen states have passed them.

A calculated campaign to blame gay men for the church's own criminal conduct in fostering and covering up decades of sex abuse.