If I'm a telco, I'd want to kill wireless or WiMAX projects but I should be encouraging fiber optic networks.

[People begged for water, he said. In some parts of the city,] if you had a $100 in one hand and bottled water in the other, people would kill for the water, ... People were frying in their own sweat.

I learned how to start over at the bottom after getting all that ice time in minor.

As long as he keeps winning, ... we're wearing the shirts.

They were losing hope.

Whenever we have inclement weather moving in, we try to protect our firefighters to make sure safety is number one. We have some additional resources here to get them out of that weather in case we have severe lightning.

James probably doesn't know this, but he's inspired us. We have all learned so much from James. Facing adversity, coming back and just putting everything in perspective. People can easily get down, especially about the smallest things.

It keeps you humble. It's all about hard work. I just want to leave a good impression out there and hopefully they like what they see. I play hard and tough, but not stupid.

Nothing would please me more than watching James for two weeks, ... I'd be doing backflips if James is playing for two weeks.