Two and a half million dollars is a lot of money if you're running in any Congressional district, to have on hand, to spend.

Always in campaign fundraising a candidate wants an upward trajectory and both candidates seem to show that right now.

It's a seemingly legitimate way of pointing out hypocrisy. Is there really hypocrisy there? Probably, but in more cases, probably not.

They can see which industries are giving to candidates, individual contributions to candidates.

The enforcement arms of Congress have been missing in action for quite some time and it's unclear whether adding more rules for them not to enforce would do any good.

It's created a class of super-lobbyists. They can get out of the lobby and into the inner sanctums of the Capitol.

You shouldn't feel sorry for them is the bottom line. When you walk out that door, even if you can't walk right back in, it multiplies your pay significantly.

That's the sort of money you have to keep the sort of day-to-day expenses of an inactive campaign going. Your staff, your rent, office space, things like that, if you need to spend money on that.