We have seen a massive increase in fuel prices.

BBH was chosen for the outstanding insight, creative ability and proven track record of delivering effective advertising it demonstrated throughout the pitch process.

We believe fundamentally that the market should consolidate. The strong should get stronger and the weak should go to the wall, and the market should determine that.

It costs almost 400 percent more than it did in December 2001 to fill up a plane.

Our fuel costs remain a real burden.

Our fuel costs remain a real burden. The price of oil hit a record high of just over 70 dollars per barrel in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

This latest fuel surcharge rise is very regrettable but we have little choice to pass some of our extra costs on to our customers.

People make parallels between this and the Gulf War, but 9/11 was extremely dramatic because it was the first time commercial aircraft were used as weapons of war. It undermined the absolute heart of the business.

We have worked very hard on efficiency and productivity (so) we can put lower fares in the market place, give customers better value for money and make money.