"Martin Charnin" is an United States/American lyricist, writer, and theatre director. Charnin's best-known work is as conceiver, director and lyricist of the musical theater/musical Annie (musical)/Annie.

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It's not a trunk song by any stretch of the imagination.

I was looking for an interesting story and exceptionally exotic characters.

'Annie' is the embodiment of hope.

A whole new crop of kids and adults.

What this show ends up being is the beneficiary of all the work that I've done in the previous incarnations of it. Every one of those shows was responsible for making something new happen, either by virtue of what an actor does by bringing something to it, or a piece blocking or a musical interpretation. I've put all of it together.

That song is gone, it's gone, it's gone. Charles and I have often looked at one another and can't even remember the lyric or the tune.

'Annie' was a comic strip with an awful lot of information in it. It had more information in the balloons above the characters than practically any other comic strip that was around. The strip told tales instead of jokes.

Her spirit and her optimism are organic to the American spirit, and that's what this show is about.

She's just breathtaking. She's one of the most wonderful child actresses I've ever had in my life. She brings a warmth and a humanity to the part that has been missing for a long time.