Martha Hill
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"Martha Hill" was one of the most influential United States/American dance instructors in history. She was the first Director of Dance at the Juilliard School, and held that position for almost 35 years.

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One out of two women are going to have, live with, and/or die from heart disease and stroke. It is amazing women are still not getting that message, and one has to ask why.

It's related to the aging process and menopause, ... The menopausalprocess takes five to 10 years, during which there's a progressive decline inestrogen, weight increases, blood pressure goes up, and cholesterol levelschange.

Women should also talk to their doctors about hormone replacement therapyonce they reach menopause, ... We should have more information inseveral years about different doses and hormone combinations, so a woman'sregimen can be more tailor-made.

It's the sensation of an elephant sitting on the chest, crushing it, a coldsweat and pain running up the left side of the neck and down the left arm.

Women think of heart disease as an old person's disease and a good way to die, ... But heart failure is every bit as bad as cancer, and the death rate is higher.

Women need to wait, watch, ask about what's new and keep an ear to theground, ... They also need to be encouraged to participate inclinical trials so we can get more answers.