Saving and protecting American lives is difficult to place a dollar value on. But here, the lessons that are learned will protect American lives.

I could not comment on any personal conversations Sheriff Young had with the operations center.

As a coach you always wonder what it's like to walk out on that floor at state, and now we get to find out.

Going nine deep, we can apply full-court pressure. We feel like we can wear down most teams.

The biggest key was we didn't shoot the ball very well. We usually force 25-30 turnovers per game, but we usually shoot better. We're not the greatest shooting team, but we shoot better than this.

That style has become the norm for us. We go nine deep, and there's nobody you can single out. We have four kids who all average between nine and 11 points per game.

It's always been a team of unselfish players. I'm so proud to see them get this far.

It's been great for our community. We've been going through some tough times, with a levy failure and some other things. So this is a great time for these kids.