Given the lack of regulation, the increasing number of deaths, medical concerns and the lack of independent testing, the ACLU of Northern California recommends that the state Legislature and local law enforcement take strong steps to regulate the use of this weapon.

We raised this first in March 2003 and we still haven't had a comprehensive proposal.

A lot of the people are under the influence of drugs.

It's like one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing.

A lot of the time it's used as a catch-all to describe death situations without looking at factors that may have contributed, such as police abuse.

We want to know what the parameters (of this program) are, what the scope of it is, what are they doing with the information, who are they sharing it with.

Students should be able to freely express themselves on campus without fear of ending up in a military database.

In several deaths, people were shocked more than once. That's a common factor.