"Mark Richard" is an American short story writer, novelist, screenwriter, and poet. He is the author of two award-winning short story collections, The Ice at the Bottom of the World and Charity, and a bestselling novel, Fishboy.

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We have approximately 1,800 field personnel working 16-hour days to restore power to all of our customers. Our priority is to restore service not only in a timely manner, but in the safest way possible.

Obviously, we're very excited today.

As of right now, we do not have any penalties. The only way they would come into effect is if (a player) would leave the team and not come back, and they would leave ineligible.

It's not easy to make changes like this, but we think it's better for us to break up the middle part of the schedule. We're trying to loosen it up a little bit. There are so many things to consider -- what happens to the other teams, the television contracts. It's a complicated process.