Coach Adams has a first-hand understanding of our football tradition and a wonderful vision for what is possible going forward. There have been a lot of positives within the football program over the past seven months and we are looking forward to seeing these play out as success on the field.

Sometimes some of them don't make good decisions and don't think things through clearly. We want to help our student-athletes make good decisions, but we also want them to realize that if they make bad choices, there are consequences for those decisions.

The term 'crusader' is a positive thing. Forget about what happened 1,000 years ago. Let's look at just recently in history. When people talk about Rosa Parks they talk about someone who's a crusader for racial justice. When we think about crusaders here we think about the image of people who are crusaders for social justice.

We spent a little more money than we had thought we would. We did that because we wanted to get it done right the first time.

It's very close, so that would appeal to us. I think regardless of the teams proposed as a possible replacement, you'll find differing opinions on how any school might fit into the league and the pros and cons associated with adding each of them.

I think it was a very unfortunate event for everyone involved -- for the people whose house got hit by the car and for Mike. But I'm comfortable with the way it's been dealt with and we've moved forward. That's the end of it as far as we're concerned.

The next step is that obviously we need to continue to raise money. We're looking at putting an outdoor track around a football field with synthetic turf.

We're very pleased -- thrilled. It's just an indication of what we value as an institution. It's a real credit to our coaches who work hard in all sports to go out and identify kids who are good student-athletes. And it's obviously a testament to kids who work hard to do well in sports and in the classroom.

We're not making any plans to do anything different with our schedule at this point. I talk to the Mid-Con office at least once a week, and nobody has told us we need to start doing anything different with our schedules.