It's pretty serious that they're missing the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter sells a lot more PCs.

From a historic perspective, I would say that it is not uncommon for new technologies to emerge and for investors to become overly enthusiastic, which is what happened with Internet round one, and then become unduly pessimistic after their initial expectations were not realized.

We've had a strong run-up in the last few weeks, so some selling is natural. It may have happened anyway, but the anthrax scare today (Wednesday) really exacerbated it.

It's a huge opportunity for the people who create these networks. You have a 'green field' opportunity in a very large city, and you are starting from scratch.

What the market is having trouble with isn't that business is bad but that tech stocks are expensive. We're not sure whether the level of earnings is good enough to move stocks even from here.

Election years are typically not good for tech stocks. I'm not sure why that's the case.

The fact that the markets continue to rally in spite of news that is generally OK but not excessively good is a positive.

I think people are going to look at the Internet again even if they have been burned in the past.