"Mark French" is a retired Australian sprint cycling/cyclist. He started cycling competitively relatively late at the age of 15, in 1999. Born in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)/Victoria, French lives in the Melbourne suburb of Elwood, Victoria/Elwood.

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That's really how it all started. This way, people can really get a good sense of what happened here.

I don't think there will be two players of this caliber from outside the league added to another CHL team this season. I just don't see it happening.

The Oklahoma City player comes up and delivers a severe blow to Travis' face and to his head. He uses his hand area, the top hand, to knock out Travis. You can see a clear jabbing motion. The level of cuts on Travis' face lead me to believe the stick was part of the blow as well.

The actors are in character. They don't talk about the character; they talk as the character. It's really an interesting effect.

That set the tone for how hard it was going to be to come inside.

They competed and had a lot of energy.

It was draining. It was hard to be focused on the game tonight because so much time had to be spent on that issue.

Joe has been off a little bit -- not in his work ethic -- but shots have been missing, his stick has been breaking. I think tonight is what he needed to break out of a little slump.

One of the few positives is that it wasn't more serious than it was.