Every year, I've been pretty blessed, but I have not yet not enjoyed coaching these kids. I enjoy coming to practice and hanging out with them and coaching them and watching them grow.

He did it the hard way.

I don't know how he kept it together. I don't know, maybe the good Lord has His hand on him. I've never been in his shoes and I don't understand that way of life, but for him to come out of it, to face it, that's incredible.

I've been holding the reins, and when I (let go), I do believe they're going to go after it. I think they'll really respond, and when they respond, the sky's the limit.

The reason they weren't all that happy is because their expectations were all that much better. That, to me, makes me feel good as a coach, that the expectations in our program were that high.

He is proof that miracles do happen.

The conference championship aside - that's great for the community, the school and everything else - but the kids realize how much tougher they're getting because we're starting to train. We have fun all year long. We wrestle and enjoy it and then we just start to pick it up.

When you sit back, wow, that's a whole lot of accomplishments for these guys. I think they got a trophy almost every tournament they went to.

I think God opened the door for him. That makes him train even harder. If God's going to open the door for you and you don't step through it, shame on you.