Mark Butler
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"Mark Christopher Butler" has been the Australian Labor Party representative for the electoral division of Division of Port Adelaide/Port Adelaide in north-western Adelaide, South Australia since the Australian federal election, 2007/2007 federal election. Butler was the Minister for Climate Change (Australia)/Minister for Climate Change and Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (Australia)/Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Water in the Second Rudd Ministry. He was educated at the University of Adelaide where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws. He holds a Master of International Relations from Deakin University.

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They're monster generators, the size of a 747, ... The last place I feel like living is in the middle of a wind farm.

They would not be feasible for a crossing, ... We have to have the best fit.

Nothing has changed out there in hundreds of years, ... And we don't want anything to change in the next hundred years.

Yes, we would have chosen to wait. We have a strict schedule.

That is ridiculous. We have a drug problem in this town that is pretty much out of control. That is ridiculous.

Looking at how the traffic's been, I definitely notice a difference.

We have worked incredibly well with the U.S. [border officials] on sharing information and any possible threats.

The pilot did not set out to get a business benefit, but the overriding fact is that we will have to fall in line with suppliers.