You just can't replace someone like that. She was the heart and soul of Relay, ... Oh, I believe this Relay committee will work hard and that someone will take the reigns and move this organization forward, but there will never be another like Dawn.

We didn't even know we were out there for 48 plays. It didn't feel like anything drastic.

I think it was the second year of Relay that Dawn and her entire family got involved. And when Dawn got involved, she really got involved.

You don't really think about having a long run in the team. You really can only try and keep your place in the side and keep performing week in and week out, because obviously there are people on the sidelines who are waiting to get a game in your place so you just want to do your best and stay playing.

Right now we are trying to get a letter sent to the Postal Service to ask them if it would be possible, and what would be involved in switching the north end of town to the same ZIP code that is used in the south end, ... Because the Postal Service is a federal agency we might get a better response if the request came from the congressman's office.

Dawn Cannady would want us to laugh, she'd want us to fight and she'd want us to work together to keep fighting for a cure.

But you know, Dawn would say this was just another reason for us to fight harder ... She wouldn't have us sitting around crying and feeling bad. In fact, I think she would be mad if we did.

This is the most inexperienced teams I have had. Katie has been running well so far, and Ashli is a real solid runner. As the others gain experience I think we could be a decent team.

I am hoping for a big year out of Cory. He had a great year last year and has worked hard to improve.