Frankly, we're taking what was two well-trained and efficient departments and combining them to make one better department.

He had a young wife who was looking for a job, and two small kids. Their car had been repossessed, and they were struggling financially.

We fully realize the spouses are serving too.

(The departments) have worked very closely together for years and years and years. It has been pretty much the assumption that, at some point in time, the fire and EMS departments would merge.

It's a win-win. Residents get good services from hard-working, respectful service members, and the service members earn extra cash. ... We've been surprised at how quickly it has grown.

Most of the officers from the previous departments are still officers. People will be able to work in both capacities.

We're asking people to look around their homes, yards and businesses for a job to post.

(It's) to express thanks and gratitude in a practical way.

It's a win-win situation. You get some work done, and a young man or woman serving our country gets to earn a little extra money.