There were delays because of weather and other things, but I finally got here. It was a lifelong dream to play in the Olympics, but I'm very excited to be back with my team. It was great to see them again.

It gives you confidence because you look back at it and realize you played with them and you kept up with them on the ice. These guys are the best, so it makes you feel good to compete with them.

It's quite an honor, and I'm very excited to represent my country. We're going to meet in Latvia, practice for a few days and then go to Italy.

Everyone knows it's not easy to adjust to time zones and all that. I think we needed to take advantage of that situation.

I didn't know whether it was going in or not, so I decided to poke out my stick and redirect it. It was a quick decision.

It's tough not to have all your players, but I don't think we will let it bother us. You just have to adjust, because we'll be facing a very good team.

We've been very competitive in international play, and all I can do is guarantee that we will be prepared to win. This is a very big thing for a small country like ours.

This is the kind of performance that can give you confidence. You hope it's something you can build on.

Every time he stepped on the ice, we knew it.