I had heard from South Carolina, but they didn't offer me a scholarship until (Tuesday) night.

We've got the two best big men in the state. They can't play us.

I want to win every game, and I wanted to leave our senior game on top. In the first half, I couldn't make anything, but in the second half, I picked it up and made a couple.

They like to get out and run, so we had to get back and contain them, and I think we did a good job.

Coach McGowan, we can sit down and talk to him and say things that we think need to be done, and he'll listen to the players. Like if we say we think we should switch defenses, he'll switch defenses. If it works, we'll stay with it. If it doesn't, we'll go back to him.

If they had offered earlier, I probably would have signed with South Carolina. It was like I was last on the depth chart.