Malik Allen
FameRank: 5

"Malik Omar Allen" is a retired United States/American professional basketball player, currently serving as an assistant coach for the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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It would have been nice, but we took care of what we needed to take care of.

Offensively, his shooting has really opened up a lot for his game. He does it all. He's tough. He can slash to the basket. Now, he's scoring off the dribble a little bit.

This was a big game for us after that loss when we didn't play well. We had a talk before the game about executing our game plan and trying to put some pressure on them.

I think ultimately you've got to see how they do in the playoffs. But last year's team was good.

Good feelings, man. Coach [Pat] Riley, he gave me a shot. He believed in me, he stuck with me. And from there, I've had a good career so far. I have all the thanks in the world for these guys down here.

We'll respond; we've responded all season. It was obviously disappointing, and it left a bitter taste in everybody's mouth. We have to bounce back. This is another big week for us. We're playing some tough teams, and we really have to rise to the occasion.

The other night [in a loss to Philadelphia], we didn't do what we needed to do offensively. No matter how much I play, I want to do a better job of helping change that.

Right now, it's a business trip for us.

That's just who he is. That's what he does.