"Malcolm White" is an England/English former professional association football/footballer who played as a Goalkeeper (association football)/goalkeeper.

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That's where he got into music.

Sam, ... is the real McCoy, the real thing.

It was 1980-'81, ... and I was booking bands for the George Street Grocery. I heard him play once, and he was great. I always tried to hook Sam up with a band.

For Sam to come out of poverty and obscurity, to hook up with somebody like Anson ...

Sam's made a good living.

He's legally blind, born like that, wears those Coke-bottle glasses.

I'm always excited at this time. I like traveling, and I like to see my teammates.

He'd have mattress ticking in his beard and in his hair.

He's such a sweet guy and such a great guy to be around. He's always been so affable and pleasant. He'd always introduce his friends in the audience at every show. He's a great showman. Who doesn't like going into a club and having the band recognize them?