"Mahmudur Rahman" is the one of the owners and acting editor of Bangladesh's one of the leading Bengali language/Bengali daily newspapers Amar Desh. He is also an engineer and businessman.

Established in business, Mahmudur Rahman was appointed the executive chairman of the National Investment Board in 2002, and then elevated to national energy adviser in 2005. In both positions, Rahman set high goals for attracting foreign investments and increasing energy capacity in Bangladesh. While he had success in attracting foreign investors, he also took controversial steps such as increasing petrol prices or developing open-pit mines that set off protests across the country.

Since the restoration of civilian government and the Awami League victory in 2008, Rahman has been a strong critic of the government through his newspaper. Party and government officials have reacted by charging him with defamation and sedition cases more than 50 times since 2009 to 2013. He is the only person to be sentenced for contempt by the Bangladesh Supreme Court. International human rights groups and press organisations have characterised the government's actions against him as judicial harassment. Critics have said he has misrepresented bloggers and activists associated with the 2013 Shahbag protests and contributed to widespread religious tensions and civil unrest.

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We could not reach agreement mainly on gas pricing and there will be no further negotiations on this (for now).

Since they want guarantee for 20 years for uninterrupted gas supply we cannot compromise on the price and they have to pay more than $2.

If they seek a guarantee, the price will have to be higher.

They have offered a price even less than the present domestic price, how can we agree to that?

The crisis of diesel should not be seen as scanty stock.

There is no change in our position. The main difference is that they in principle don't agree to link any of the three issues to the tri-nation pipeline, which is in principle opposite to our position.

The third round bidding might be dominated by China, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia and India.

No new power plant will be allowed to consume natural gas for electricity generation from the year 2012.

Finally, it will be up to the policymakers to decide on the matter.