Maggie Kuhn
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"Maggie Kuhn" was an United States/American activist known for founding the Gray Panthers movement in August 1970, after being forced into retirement by the Presbyterian Church. The Gray Panthers became known for advocating nursing home reform movement/reform and fighting ageism, claiming that "old people and women constitute America's biggest untapped and undervalued human energy source." She also dedicated her life to fighting for human rights, social and economic justice, global peace, integration, and an understanding of mental health issues. For decades she combined her activism with caring for her disabled mother and a brother who suffered from mental illness.

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Few people know how to be old.

By the year 2020, the year of perfect vision, the old will outnumber the young.

When you least expect it, someone may actually listen to what you have to say.

Learning and sex until rigor mortis.

Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind -- even if your voice shakes.

Power should not be concentrated in the hands of so few, and powerlessness in the hands of so many.

There must be a goal at every stage of life! There must be a goal!