"Luke Day Jr." was an United States/American military officer, revolutionary, and farmer, most well known for his leadership role in Shays' Rebellion, for which he was convicted of high treason and capital punishment/sentenced to death, before being pardoned by Governor John Hancock. He was referred to as the "Master Spirit" of the insurrection, and was only passed over as overall leader in favor of Daniel Shays due to the perception of overzealousness on his part, by his men. As a lieutenant, and then a captain (United States)/captain, he served for eight years and participated in many key battles of the American Revolutionary War, including the Siege of Boston, Invasion of Canada (1775)/Quebec Expedition, Battles of Saratoga, Cherry Valley massacre, Sullivan Expedition and Siege of Yorktown. After the war, he joined the prestigious Society of the Cincinnati, which included the likes of George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.

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Ten different kids scored tonight, and I thought our second group played as well as our first group.

After a while, you're just swimming up stream. You're trying to juggle people. And we got away with guys playing with four fouls probably a lot longer than we should have.

We were a little tentative, and who wouldn't be? This game, you're building toward it your whole career, and you get it, and everybody's in the building. I can't blame the kids for being tight. And we didn't work our way out of it as quickly as I thought we could have.