It all adds to the general perception that politics are no good and politicians are a bunch of bums.

If I'm not in the role I'm best suited for, obviously I'm not happy about it, ... If anybody in my situation says they are, they'd be lying.

[Kerry won a key newspaper endorsement yesterday in Missouri, just two days after the St. Louis debate.] Based on his record, President George W. Bush has not earned re-election, ... He has mishandled the war on terrorism, shut his eyes to disagreeable facts, left the next generation in hock and presided over a sharp loss in jobs, health insurance and prosperity for millions of Americans.

Public-spirited dialogue with listeners on how best to beat up and otherwise neutralize police officers.

I realize the most important part is still in front of me, ... If we go out and win a World Series, people aren't going to remember I hit .270. They'll remember we won. That's the goal.

I think everybody knows I'm interested in managing again.

I've never been through anything like that before, ... It was frightening. When you're down like that, there's always a possibility of you not being able to play this game.

I'm enjoying life right now, ... I know you guys have been very negative towards me and that's your job, but I'm a very positive person and I've moved on.