Sometimes a team needs a certain player to fill a position. It's just a matter of who they need, and they will offer them a free agent contract.

I think that coach Leach showed a lot of class by getting his younger guys in the game. They may need those guys down the stretch this season and it is good experience for them. I thought as a team they showed a lot of class and that is something I will not forget.

Our backs ran hard. My hat goes off to our offensive line, they did a good job of run blocking.

The momentum kind of shifted after that kick return. I think our guys were a little over-enthusiastic right there, and that gave Nick a little crease. That was kind of what started everything for them.

That's one of the problems we've had this season, being able to sustain.

I'm sure they did. Any good coaching staff would do that. It's just a matter of where your friends are.