It's like their opinions mirror our same concerns.

We just aren't at the point in the search where we are ready to discuss that yet.

There's a lot of details and we've already worked about 15 hours as a board just to get us to this point. The one thing we do know is that word has gotten out. Within two days of Dr. Burns' announcing her retirement, we had requests for applications. The interest is there.

We are very pleased with the caliber of the top nine. We've had a lot of interest and we're pleased with the quality of the candidates.

We're encouraging everyone to include comments that are not specifically addressed in the three sections. Every single comment will be read by board members. The more knowledge we have, the better the decision we can make.

This has to do with the advertising and we'd like to be fair to everyone.

We've got an awful lot going on next week.

We're very pleased to find someone with Dr. Calvert's background and experience. She's very attuned to the role a good superintendent should play and she's committed to helping us find the right match for our district.

We hope this is going to make a difference.