It was a battle for 40 minutes, back and forth, the crowd was into it. We were into it. It came down to the last shot. But that was last year; this is this year. We can't go back to last year.

We really wanted to jump on them and get the lead and be aggressive right from the tip. As a shooter, you're looking for your shot, but you're also looking to create for your teammates and set them up that way.

We can't lose sight of what we're working for.

These home games are vital. We have to come out ready.

We're getting better, for sure. It's just going to keep gradually coming. We have a lot of talent, a lot of potential. It's just a matter of putting it all together to get to that higher level.

I think we had more maturity last year. We played in some tough games in Connecticut and Notre Dame and fought through them and won. It doesn't take us to lose to learn.

It was just a great team effort, all together.

There's nine games left, that's a lot time and anything can happen but we're trying not to even think about that right now. You can't get to wrapped up in that right now or it will all go down the hill.

We're playing four straight at home, and it's exciting to play in front of big crowds. We just have to keep getting better now that we're playing games at a higher level like this week. We're really looking forward to it.