Liar Liar
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"Liar Liar" is a 1997 American comedy film written by Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur, directed by Tom Shadyac and starring Jim Carrey who was nominated for a Golden Globe Award (1997) for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical.

The film is the second of three collaborations between Carrey and Shadyac, the first being Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and the third being Bruce Almighty. It is also the second of three collaborations between Guay and Mazur, the others being The Little Rascals (film)/The Little Rascals and Heartbreakers (2001 film)/Heartbreakers. It has been unofficially remade in Bollywood as Kyo Kii... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta.

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If I was a boxer, I would bounce those things like Sugar Ray Leonard!

1.) Hey Fletcher. 2.) Hey! You're not important enough to remember!

1: 1..2..3..4..5 and one for good luck! 2: he struck the child.. ya see that?

1)My teacher says real beauty's on the inside. 2)That's just something ugly people say.