We've just decided that it's time to say that we're not going to take it anymore, enough is enough. It has sort of been a slow burn, hoping that with reason they would change their minds. But we've pretty much gotten to the point where we don't think that that works.

So here we are in this environment of pay for performance and what is this agency doing but getting rid of the details, which I should also add are offered to recruits as [an] attractive reason to come here. It's sort of like a bait-and-switch.

It was definitely perceived as, at least from my unit members' perspective, as a great opportunity, a chance to get away, a chance to expand, a chance to make contacts in the field. Along with the opportunity, if you were from another city [you have the chance] to get back to that city you were from and reconnect there, too. That was certainly a side benefit, which we think was frowned upon.