We hope this will be discussed between them.

It is preposterous to think that they could be involved in any kind of criminality. They have not had so much as a speeding ticket in their lives.

They're not cleared, but they did go voluntarily and give statements to Thunder Bay police.

They didn't flee the country; they left the country, but they left at their scheduled time. The flights had been booked weeks and weeks and weeks before.

There's some little comfort to be had from [the reports]. But we don't know who said it. We don't know that person's authority. We don't know what knowledge they might have. So at this point, we're in the position of waiting to see what happens.

They're picking on these women, they're picking on the wrong people.

We've talked to lots of people who were at the hotel and nobody was questioned -- either there or at the airport or when they got back to Thunder Bay.