Poland needs to reconsider its mistakes. But more than that, it needs a consensus based on truth.

The question of the euro should be resolved through a referendum, which could take place in 2010.

I taught for 30 years at university but never in circumstances like this.

It is very helpful to have a partner on whom you can rely in any situation. But the problem starts because some people don't like it that one twin would be president and the other prime minister.

I want to call...for us to quickly conclude work on the government. I will approach Donald Tusk, who fought superbly in this campaign.

We must turn the country around to face its citizens. The scale of the repair will be so great that Poland will become a new republic.

Poland awaits radical changes, but not revolutionary changes. My brother uses the term moral revolution. Moral revolution has nothing to do with political revolution.

The state is not working properly. It must be rebuilt and cleansed.

We are already seeing problems from the introduction of the euro. At the moment it's mainly Italy that's complaining, but there's nothing surprising in that, seeing how standards of living have fallen there since the currency was brought in.