Some of these men served three years after slavery. It takes a real Texan to stand up to adversity, bigotry and hatred to represent a state that held you in slavery. They should be honored appropriately.

The difference in the game was our inability to catch the ball behind the plate.

The Gulick Project focuses on making a person feel healthier and successful rather than on weight loss. Weight loss is a by-product of this individualized program that is based on a long-term relationship between the member and the YMCA community.

When I spoke to the Haller family to tell them the resolution was going to be passed, they were shocked and overwhelmed. A busload of descendants came in for the day when it was passed. It meant so much to them.

It is an option; but if you're going to do it, you better prove how you're going to do it. The issue becomes where you can get the hundreds of millions of dollars to get the water here and treat it.

I'm sitting here looking at a little gold key that the mayor of DeLand gave me in 2004. I enjoyed being there, and I thought the people were really nice, but it's a strange world when a charity stiffs you.

I have been told, 'good idea,' but I just haven't found the money. I have $2,000 and probably would need $20,000 to get all of the monuments built.