The players aren't only great athletes, they are also fashion icons and this idea complements the crossover between sport and fashion.

I wouldn't really be that disappointed ... I'd go on vacation.

Sony Ericsson is changing the face of women's tennis through the convergence of our sport with technology and music, ... These concerts are just one of the ways our partnership with Sony Ericsson will be bringing new and younger audiences to our game and heightening the overall fan experience for everyone who attends our tournaments around the world.

This schedule reflects the continued global expansion of and investment in women's professional tennis. The return of the Tour Championships to Europe in Madrid is particularly exciting for our European fans and players, and will ensure a fantastic finale to the 2006 season.

We do not see a pattern; it's not like there's one injury befalling tennis players like, say, ankle injuries, ... to continue to improve the schedule to allow for appropriate rest.

The tragedy to so many human lives caused by Hurricane Katrina has touched all of us.

In an ideal world, there would be a two-and-a-half- to three-month off-season. I don't think our players like to sit out that long without playing. If we can add a few more weeks, what our medical people are telling us is that players can rest, rehabilitate and build back up and work on preventive things during the season.

We've been testing the systems and they have been better than 90 percent accurate, which is better than the human average. We haven't set a hard deadline, but next summer is realistic. We want to make sure it is completely reliable.

There are lots of kids getting more serious about their tennis at a much earlier age than elsewhere.