We are all about safety and mobility. Our role in the city's comprehensive planning process is pretty passive at the moment. We certain applaud any efforts to improve mobility on state infrastructure.

We're happy to see this project come this much closer to its completion.

Outdoorsmen and sportsmen as a whole have a longstanding tradition of respecting the environment and property lines. I'm sure in this case, it's a few rotten apples spoiling the bunch, but it doesn't take much — especially in the rain — to do a lot of damage very quickly.

When it's all said and done, it's probably going to be more than $10,000 because it's pretty wide spread.

We respect the rights of Texans to have fun. But people need to realize that everyone pays when the state has to constantly stop what it's doing to repair this kind of damage. It takes away from our other responsibilities like building and maintaining roadways.