I don't care who we play. I'm excited about the fact that we get the chance to keep on playing and to compete for a national championship is a great honor.

You can see that when she's out there, we're a better team.

We didn't control the paint. Everything they did was because of their dribble penetration and their ability to rebound.

Being the seventh seed coming into this thing and splitting two games, you'd like to think that you're in.

You can't print what I was thinking.

This bill is about sending a message to irresponsible dog owners, and not just jailing a bad neighbor. This bill is about ... closing a legal loophole--not merely exacting vengeance.

I think we showed three years ago that seeding doesn't mean much. Drury is a great team. But it's tournament time now and anything can happen.

You just have to find a way to get past this first game sometimes. On Saturday, maybe we'll settle in and play a little bit better.

It's a slap in the face to the family and the victims. This bill does not go where it needs to go. While the language is good, the penalties are not adequate.