If you can take the run game away from, you get them to where you make them do things that they don't want to do. Thy definitely want to run the ball first to set up the pass.

It means a lot. You normally open up every season with a home opener, but we didn't get that due to other circumstances.

I don't know what happened out there. We played like a joke out there in the second half. It was nothing they did, it was everything we did. It was just an absolute joke in the second half. It was a complete and total breakdown.

The main difference in what they have shown is they're a lot more physical football team. They're a solid team.

I think he brought in some things for them offensively that Ainge couldn't do and made some plays when he needed to. We didn't make any.

We need something normal. Helicopters flying over the stadium is not normal.

Our run defense has been great all year. Nobody has been able to run the ball on us, and we don't feel that anybody can.

It's my senior year, and I only have a few more times to go out there and play in front of my family. It's big, especially against a team like Florida.