Kris Benson
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"Kristin James Benson" is a former Major League Baseball starting pitcher.

A highly touted prospect, Benson was drafted List of MLB first overall draft choices/first overall by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1996 Major League Baseball Draft/1996. He followed a strong rookie season in 1999 with an even stronger season in 2000, but those would prove to be the two best seasons of his career, as he underwent Tommy John surgery after the 2000 season. He posted three more good seasons from 2004 to 2006 with the Pirates, the New York Mets, and the Baltimore Orioles, but then underwent rotator cuff surgery, after which he was never again an effective Major League pitcher.

Benson is also known for his marriage to Anna Benson.

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They have the luxury of doing it with Trachsel here. Two days is two days; it's not a whole turn. It will give me a chance chill a little bit, rest my shoulder a little bit and then come back on Sunday.

We aren't the type of people that give money and disappear. We're the type of people that go out and continue to support what we do.

My body felt fine. It's not something I definitely, without a doubt needed.

I was [ticked] off about my slider. I gave up a majority of my hits on the slider. I wish my spot in the [batting] order didn't come up [in the seventh] inning. ... I was frustrated because that inning was going to cost me the game.

I know it's going to be a miserable night. It's already been a miserable night. But what can we do?

[No fastball. Average changeup. Nothing special in his pitching arsenal against his former team.] I battled with my cutter and slider, ... I didn't have great stuff. I tried to keep them off balance with my slider and cutter and sprinkle in a fastball. It did the trick.

My fastball location was terrible. As hot as their team is, you've got to make your pitches and I didn't.

Just one bad pitch. I tip my hat to J.T. because he hit a good 3-2 changeup. But my slider was not working well today and that's the pitch that beat me. It was supposed to be down to Feliz and it stayed up.

They found a hole every single time they put the bats on the ball. When I look back on it, it's definitely disappointing. I've made worse pitches and I've felt worse in games. There's nothing I can do now.