Branford was the better team and they used their experience on the fast turf and aggressiveness to totally out play us. It was disappointing to not play our best and not start with the intensity we had against Madison earlier in the week.

Everyone gave all their effort. We have a big one Monday against Sacred Heart on Monday (after press time) and hopefully we can bounce back.

I was proud of how the girls kept trying even though the score was seemingly insurmountable. It was truly a week of both extreme highs and extreme lows for our team. Hopefully we've learned from both.

We don't have a lot of experience, but we do have strength up the middle of the field with our two forwards, two midfielders and goalie. They are all very skilled. It all depends if we can fill in around them. We have done ell in scrimmages but we need to find the right combination.

They played at three last year and never lost a match together. Everything's a little tougher now.

Herrick is an all-state goaltender-probably one of the best in the state-so she really kept them in the game.