Kirk Franklin
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"Kirk Dwayne Franklin" is an American gospel musician, choir director, and author. He is known for leading urban contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God's Property and One Nation Crew (1NC), and has won multiple awards, including seven Grammy Awards.

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When I was taught truth, that's when I got my freedom.

The mission is to bring Christ to the culture.

Continuation of me striving to be right spiritually. The assumption is that a person who does Christian music is automatically connected (to God). That's so untrue ... I hope this music is a reflection of the connection I have. I'm very proud to be a Christian.

I want to reach the people and I want to be pleasing to Him. That's all I want to do.

I wanted to create a label that is very youth friendly, very urban, and a label that reflects Christ to the culture.

It's an opportunity to reach more people with the message -- especially a generation that isn't into organized religion, God, the Jesus thing.

We don't have fans, we have friends. And when you look at them as friends, everybody (is) coming together for the same purpose, just getting excited about our faith.

[Franklin has long been a Wonder fan. Working on the song] Why, ... very Stevie-ish ... I flew to Los Angeles to let him hear it. He liked it and wanted to be on it.

Very active in the label, maybe to a fault sometimes.