There appears to be a tremendous void in the business in thinking beyond the constraints of directed search. The industry is focused on things like behavioral advertising and the impact of next generation ad models. It appears in that process we're leaving behind the cumulative information and the cumulative understandings that can be achieved by pulling the entire knowledge base together.

They put pressure on us and created the turnovers.

Eastern Purple is the only other horse I've had that has run in a Group One, and this one is definitely the first two-year-old.

A ton of people are taking off, as you can tell. It's dead around here.

There is enough bad news in that report to give us tremendous pause, ... The clock is nearly up.

This is great. We've always thought a lot of this horse. We had a slight doubt about the ground, but he's handled it. He's super, he gave 110 per cent. He travelled good and picked up well. You have to give it (the 2000 Guineas) a go now. He won't run again this year and it will make the winter a bit shorter!

But if we play mistake-free and focus on special teams, I hope things will go our way. Anything can happen in this league.

You can now become energy independent by making your own gasoline from corn, water and enzymes for only 12 cents per gallon.

The cost of purchasing health insurance and providing health insurance and that's related to the increased cost of health care.