I don't know how long Morgan County can survive taking millions and millions out of the road and bridge, ... You can look at some of the roads and see that we need all the money we can get to maintain them.

You feel like you're watching the same show. It helps keep it from feeling tonally disjointed.

Everything is on the table, including the continued independence for these three carriers, but in my opinion, that's not likely, ... There's an old saying that you have to break eggs to make omelet. The industry is looking for a new financial equilibrium. If you try to stay independent, in the near term you won't gum up earnings, but long term, I think it's an untenable situation.

The kids hung in there.

I think I hurt her a bit but she deserves it.

We believe that the direct loss of jobs related to travel and tourism has been close to 3 million.

A lot of investment internationally is driven by people's understanding of the places that they visit.

What would get Bill Gates animated? ... There's a lot of money at stake. He's going to get excited over things that actually have very little chance of succeeding.

I'm worried. My job is in the transportation industry, and fuel costs have a huge impact on my line of work. But on a personal note, it seems silly and selfish to complain about gas prices when the southern part of the country is like a third-world nation right now. I'll get by.