Kevin Kyle
FameRank: 9

"Kevin Alastair Kyle" is a association football/footballer who plays as a centre forward. Kyle has represented Scotland 10 times at full international level.

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I just made the goal to step up. My goal was to fill the spot that Brice Murphy left. Another big part was because of coach and the other guys on the team. Coach was pushing everyone to get in the weight room, get to open gyms and to shooting workouts in the morning.

We were able to get things done. It is not just me. We won county, sectional and conference titles. That has been the most satisfying part of it all.

Luke Smith is a really good player and they have some of the same balance that we do. They have some size, a good bench and some guys who can shoot it. And they play really good pressure defense.

I picked Huntington because they are a Christian college and they fit my needs. The have a great program, with great guys and a great coaching staff. I really felt like I fit in there.

We got defensive stops during that run. We ran the offense, worked the ball around, found the open guys and hit shots when we needed to.

It wouldn't worry me if I had to start working again. I know how hard work can be but I look at my brothers and they are happy enough and I don't see why I couldn't be like them. I don't think I would go back to the baggage handling, there wasn't much money in that. But I have had to learn how to do something else just in case.