It would surprise me, but I can't comment on anything like that.

When they opened the door a whole stack of Hustler magazines flew out into the street. He was clearly busted, clearly shaken, clearly embarrassed.

He wasn't trying to hide anything. He may not have been trying to show it to school children, however they were around, and he continued when I caught him trying to circle the block around Hillcrest Elementary School.

When it got down to one point I couldn't stop thinking about the seniors.

Every citizen of the state of California should be prepared for 72 hours to be self-sufficient.

It was created to honor state residents who have made significant contributions to the state, nation or world.

I'm just doing what needs to be done to set up the touchdowns.

It [winning] is great; one the main reasons I came to college is to get better at tennis. This year was more of a challenge, just because me and the other guy hadn't played that much together. It was nice to have another undefeated season.

[A neighbor said he spotted Tony Clement, 60, inside a white suburban parked outside Hillcrest Elementary School performing a lewd act.] I clearly saw it, ... I ran to my home to get a camera, I ran back to the vehicle with the camera, turned it on so I could expose this person.