If it's a photo-centric project, you can do the layout in Photoshop, but if it's illustration-centric, use something like Illustrator.

The biggest reason people use Macromedia Fireworks with Photoshop are its object-oriented controls, which let you quickly drag in a rectangle and apply a style to create a Web button or banner. Now you can do that in Photoshop and even create more complex shapes for buttons.

[Aperture] is an alternative to Bridge and Camera RAW, but if you use any of those, you still need Photoshop.

She has that potential to get better. She's a quick player, and she's worked a lot harder on her shot.

We wanted to make the application as flexible as possible so that it will conform to how customers work.

No one is pointing fingers. We'll practice hard and see where they're at.

We've got a tough road ahead here in January. We got Bolingbrook and Trinity coming up and you've got to be ready.

If you look at what Aperture does nondestructively with RAW files, it's not that different than what Photoshop does nondestructively with RAW files. [Apple does] a few things we're not doing on RAW, and we do a few things [Apple isn't] doing with RAW.

You are probably going to see innovation and change from a variety of companies over the next few years. Ultimately that's a great thing for photographers.