"Kevin M. Bryant" is a former Australian rules footballer who played with in the West Australian Football League/Western Australian National Football League (WANFL) and North Melbourne Football Club/North Melbourne in the Australian Football League/Victorian Football League (VFL). He also represented The Sandgropers/Western Australia in Interstate matches in Australian rules football/State of Origin football.

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All the emergency patching was done in December. Now is the time to work on big jobs -- to completely re-roof -- if only the skies would clear.

I wish there was a way to expand what we've got, ... That also comes into hiring more personnel to cover any new areas. It would all cost the county more money.

You always worry about the possibility of aggression against other prisoners, or against the jailers themselves, ... And if you've got 140 prisoners in your jail, it just gets worse. That's why it's so important to have a good working relationship with other departments who can provide backup in those situations.

From what we can tell, they were just making enough for their personal use, ... They were making it right there on the road. From where (the lab) was, you can see a long way down that road, so the suspects would have been able to see anyone coming.