Taxpayers have rights they should use when appropriate. But anyone who abuses those rights should understand they can incur significant penalties.

How tough has this been? Well, mentally, it's been very hard, ... I can't do the things I want. It's hard for me to stand around, or even get around.

I'm not worried about the fans, I'm worried about trying to get guys out. They're not beating me up any worse than what I'm saying to myself.

He said that I'm such a big guy, my injury could relapse if I put weight on it and try to be active, ... The doctor said I can't run for four to five weeks after I heal. It will take two weeks to recover (from the pins being removed), but I can walk after that. It'll be four to five weeks before I can run.

I think it's a good marketing strategy, ... When it is built, I would like to see it in operation. If it works, we'll be doing the same thing.

This is far superior to where we were.

That would be a mistake (to play), a big mistake, but like I said, if it's a necessity, I'd do it, ... It would be if there were no defensive tackles (available). That would be the reason.

We were a lot better tonight. We were in a lot better shape than they were. They were tiring. We were able to take it to them.