If there is someone out there who is willing to play for Barbados, and they have the right qualities, I would welcome that person, but that is totally up to the Barbados Football Association. I can only make a request, but it is not in my hands.

I really thought it was the tactics because when they were down to ten men, I saw the physical play beginning and they were trying to intimidate my players.

That would be a good option, a team which plays a more patient kind of game because the teams which we are going to play against would be close to a South American style, slow build-up, big fields with the ball being knocked around.

First, we will give them a two-week rest and then we have to try to get some more guys to come in to strengthen some weak areas and fill those gaps that we have. That is one of our first goals.

I heard about this guy and tried to make some contacts, but I wasn't really successful. I didn't even know that he was out of the island playing in Ireland until a couple weeks before we cut the team down to about 20. It was like this guy out there, but that is another story.

We have been trying hard to work on the movement off the ball, and it is kind of difficult with the kind of quality players at the back.