Kenny Loggins
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"Kenneth Clark "Kenny" Loggins" is an American singer/songwriter and guitarist. He is known for soft rock music beginning in the 1970s, and later for writing and performing for movie soundtracks in the 1980s. Originally a part of the duo Loggins and Messina, he became a solo artist and has written songs for other artists.

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We were two very different people and led two dramatically different lives. [Messina] went off in his direction, and I went off in mine. We had a good working relationship when we were working together, but we were never close buddies that hung out a lot because we're different kinds of people.

The more honest you can be, the less you have to hide, ... When I have nothing to hide, I have everything to give.

Courage is always rewarded.

Mark My Words. Simplicity Can Be A Powerful Thing!

That's an old saying I just made up.

I was feeling that the time had come to do something. Jimmy and I had been getting along really well. We'd enjoyed doing a couple of benefits together.

It's all peace & love, baby!

I wasn't sure what to expect, honestly. It's been a long time, ... I don't know where Loggins & Messina were in the pantheon of all that stuff back in the day, whether it would be something to be embraced. It has been an interesting kind of time travel for me.