"Kelly Ann Ryan" is a former International Federation of BodyBuilders professional fitness competitor.

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They were overlooked in the budget last semester, and it would not be fair to shoot them down due to a technical error.

Right now I think we have two of the top pitchers in the state on our team.

I don't want to give a statement without anyone here ... my lawyer.

I don't know if we're using (youth) as an excuse. At some point, we have to start believing we're just as good as the opposition that we're playing. Until that happens, it's just going to be the same result.

She wasn't stiff. She was very heavy. Very heavy. Very, very. And I remember that she, she was (a) mess, and so heavy I think I probably ended up dropping her.

We just basically got rid of a body, and how we gonna explain it. Um, you know, obviously if we thought that, you know, by burning the car it would get rid of ah, of the person completely. Um, I don't know, I don't know why.

Craig and I started thinking, ah, she's got drugs in the house, ah, he (Titus is) a felon. Well, there's steroids.

We didn't really play that well last year. We didn't play that well at the beginning of the season at all last year. I know I'm looking to play pretty well in it this year, hopefully for first place on Saturday.

I mean, obviously my husband and I have always trusted her, you know. That's why we welcomed her into our house.