We don't have our sign up yet because it is currently being designed, but will be in place before our grand opening.

It was definitely a difficult task for the coaches. We didn't know who would be picked for the team.

We will be trying to appeal to a large group of people with our items. There will be some eclectic as well as a large selection of standard items for sale.

I think it scares a couple of us. We were around when softball was made an Olympic sport, and we were so happy. It's just something you've always got to worry about.

There's no doubt it's a different time for us, but we're just focusing on the players who are still here. Everything changes. It's never going to be like it was before, but you have to move on and try to win.

We expected them to make us work, and they certainly did. We took too many penalties.

We want to have a relaxed atmosphere, so we will have music, and will offer our customers snacks and drinks when they enter the store. Folks won't be able to miss our grand opening. We plan to hang banners, have balloons out front and have some live entertainment.

She doesn't have the shop any longer, but she is still doing interior designing and will help us here.

We will have a display of different window treatments, and this person will help customers decide what is best for their homes.